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    Cleaning – this is the art, this is the work with the Soul.

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About Us

VERONIKA is a cleaning company founded by Veronika Soul that is based in Toronto. With more than 10 years of professional experience Veronika and her Dedicated Team are bringing light, cleanliness, coziness and luck into your home or office.

VERONIKA – “Clean Home – Good Mood ©” – This is not just the words – this is Company’s Philosophy, this is Philosophy of work.

Cleaning – this is the art, this is the work with the Soul.
Cleaning is not just waving a mop (rag) – this is the art coming from the soul, it’s a terrific performance and quality of job, professionalism, both in cleaning its own house, and as a result of the soul-singing of the customer…

Work with the Soul + Professionalism = High Job quality
Good Mood = Clean Home + High Job Quality

This is clean lake water and freshness, thrown out of the sky-blue Veronika’s eyes on the customers houses (The business card shows this is the “water”).
Veronica is very strongly selects its own staff and pays a lot of time training beginners, showing by personal example. Also touching the hand of Veronica and her team bring good luck into the house.
These are real facts that the houses are sold instantly after Veronika’s cleaning and long time they have a positive aura.

TWELVE reasons work with VERONIKA:

  • VERONIKA - “Clean Home – Good Mood ©”.
  • A Touch of Luck – Houses are sold immediately after Veronika’s work and positive energy stay at home all week.
  • Work always as for own home
  • High Quality of Job
  • Affordable cleaning service
  • No supervising necessary
  • Saturday and Sunday Cleans Available
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Occasionally
  • Open 7 days a week 7am -9pm
  • No Contracts or Commitments.
  • As a mother of two wonderful ladies, Veronika is training her staff with maternal rigor, with respect and love for their work
  •  As a charismatic and positive person Veronika encourages customers to their optimism and love of life
Please call now to get a Free Estimate:

647-286 -9471 – English or 647-505-9471 – Russian